Awareness Dining

Awareness Dining

Enhancing the dining experience of customers affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing accommodations while growing awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the local community.

How can yo participate?

  1. Display the Awareness Dining Sticker on the window of your business where customers can see it!
  2. Be willing to make your best effort to meet the following examples of accommodations when request by telephone at least 1 hour in advance of arrival at the restaurant.

The Potential…

  • Gaining an untapped customer base
  • Faster turnaround time on tables
  • Preparation time provided for accommodations needed prior to arrival
  • Free Advertising on Awareness Dining Website, with SEO benefits
  • Free advertising on Junior Explorers of America website, With SEO benefits
  • Recognition in special needs social media groups
  • Geo location feature on Funadipity,com, with SEO benefits
  • Raising awareness and creating an environment of inclusion


Accommodation Request

  • Call ahead seating or reservation
  • Call ahead ordering
  • Location of table request (to accommodate sensory sensitivities)
  • Type of table request (high top, low top, booth)
  • Relocation of condiments and table top decor (clear the table)
  • Drinks served in to go cups (with or without lids)
  • Food served in to go containers
  • Plastic Silverware/paper napkins
  • Dietary accommodations (additional charges may apply)
  • Wifi network information (if publicly shared)
  • Picture Menu (to support non-vocal customers)
  • Kids menu available on website
  • No age limit on kids menu (for the one’s on the spectrum)
  • Optional Autism training available

What if it doesn’t workout?

We appreciate your efforts. If it does not end up being something that works for you, simply remove the sticker from the window and contact us to let us know. Thank you for trying!

What are the customers being told?

The participants in Awareness Dining know that accommodations requested must be within the realm of the services already provided by the business and shall not incur extra charges for either party unless the accommodations requested includes a charge for all customers. They will call the restaurant and mention Awareness Dining for their requests.

They are also aware that the likelihood of these accommodations being met at higher volume times are less likely and that should be taken into considerations.

For questions/comments/concerns

You may reach us at either: or



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